Hershey’s Kisses Milk Chocolate 12oz


The 12 oz bag of Kisses Milk Chocolate Candy is a delicious treat for after dinner or any time you like. Each piece is individually wrapped to make it easier to share with your friends. This gluten-free candy is safe for people with celiac to enjoy. You can put them out in a bowl in your office or living room. At 200 calories per nine piece serving this candy is easy to factor in to your meal plan. It’s made with real milk that’s fresh from the farm for quality you can taste. You get 12 oz per bag to have enough to share. You can also use Kisses as ingredients in baked goods and other dessert recipes. They have a rich milk chocolate taste that can satisfy your sweet tooth. Enjoy them alone or combine with your other favorite candies. The soft chocolate melts in your mouth for a rich flavor experience.

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