Klingele Balance – Choco Express

Klingele Balance – Choco Express

Klingele Balance – Choco Express

Made in Belgium, Klingele has 2 sub brands, Balance and Green Dream. They are famous for producing a healthier version of chocolates. Under Balance, it is categorize into 3 types of chocolates.

First, no sugar added, this chocolate is ideal for diabetics and people consciously looking to cut down their sugar consumption. This chocolate contains 15%-20% fewer calories than standard chocolate and is rich in fiber which helps to stimulate intestinal function.

Secondly, for those who wants to enjoy the healthier option yet not want to compensate on the sugary flavour. They can opt for the products with artificial sweetener made from Stevia plant.

Lastly, Balance has option that is free from lactose and gluten, this is suitable for people who are lactose intolerance and for our Muslim friends.

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